Individual Counseling

In a calm and supportive environment, Kathryn gives you a place to discuss thoughts, feelings or situations that might be interfering with your daily life.  Sessions are generally one hour, but one and one-half hour sessions can also be arranged.

Babies up to six months old are welcome at appointments.

Group Counseling

Connecting with others who are experiencing similar issues can add perspective to what may feel like an isolating experience. Facilitated by a professional counselor, group therapy is also a place to learn stress alleviation techniques and tools to improve your mental health. Sessions are 90 minutes in duration.

Career Counseling

Becoming a mother often changes a woman’s ideas about her career and interests. Often, former careers don’t give back the energy they once did after a baby enters the picture. Exploring ideas about meaningful work, and taking a certified career interest inventory test can be enlightening, and help to provide a way to channel energy toward a new work identity.


New mothers face a particularly challenging time when headed back to work. In order to make this transition as healthy and free-of-worry as possible, we work with employers, human resource managers and healthcare professionals to create back-to-work plans, workplace parent support groups, and policy guidelines for their employees who have babies and young children.

Case Review and Testimony

Case review and expert testimony is available to attorneys and entities seeking guidance about perinatal psychology and maternal mental health.


Kathryn Bereman-Skelly offers both written and in-person expertise for articles and interviews about mental health for mothers.